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Esteemed Colleagues,

“I feel privileged for your support over the years. It’s a definitive endorsement of us and an affirmation that you trust and value our work. Therefore, it validates every effort put forward by the team who stands behind me. We thank you for the years of support by allowing us to care for your patients. As our shared community grows, our patient encounters continue to rise. We pride ourselves in providing outstanding care to all patients. We also respect and value the relationship you have with each of your patients, which is why it is our top priority, here at SWCVA, your patient returns to your office having had a positive experience. Open communication between physicians is invaluable for patient care, which is why we work diligently to providing a thorough consultation report to referring providers, including primary care physicians. We are in a society driven by outcomes, providing the transparency of critically needed data metrics, and decreasing healthcare cost & healthcare waste, while increasing overall patient satisfaction. Therefore, operating on E Clinical Works EMR and actively participating on healthcare exchange, allows us to operate seamlessly and efficiently. You will receive full reports on your patients immediately following their appointment. Your partnership is paramount to our continued success “and we welcome coordination of care.” “we look forward to hearing from you!”

Charles M.T. Jost, MD.

Charles M T Jost, MD.

Robert Candipan, PhD., MD.

Dr. Robert C. Candipan, PhD., MD.

Nareg Minaskeian, MD.

Nareg Minaskeian, MD.

Kirk D. Minkus, MD.

Kirk D. Minkus, MD.

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