Southwest Cardiovascular and Associates Welcomes Dr. Stuart C. Lipskind.

Dr. Stuart Lipskind, MDDr. Stuart Lipskind, MD

To my beloved patient:

I appreciate the faith you have shown in allowing me to provide for your medical care over the years. Cardiovascular Institute of Arizona has been a medical home in our shared community for many years, and it is bittersweet I announce the practice will be closing with last patient scheduled appointments on November 29th2019.

As most of you know, I have been practicing as an interventional cardiologist for over 44 years, and it would be an honor to continue my relationship with you as your cardiologist of choice. Effective December 3rd2019 I will be seeing my patients at Southwest Cardiovascular Associates located at: 140 S. Power Rd. Suite 102 Mesa, AZ 85206 PH: 480-945-4343 FAX: 480-522-3030.

Should you wish to reassign your care to a cardiologist of your choice, you may sign a release of medical records request (enclosed), please fill out the attached authorization form and return it to my office no later than November 29th, 2019.

Once again, I am grateful for the opportunity over the years to have been your physician. I have both enjoyed the challenges and rewards of my chosen profession and thank you in advance for your confidence and support over the years.

I hope to have the privilege of continuing your care at Southwest Cardiovascular Associates in the near future.

Respectfully yours,

Stuart C. Lipskind, MD., FACC,

Interventional Cardiologist

Encl: Medical Release – Cardiovascular Institute of Arizona

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